Create fonts and other vector graphics then save them to TTF, EOT and SVG formats with this lightweight and easy to use application.

  • BirdFont
  • Version :2.19.0
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :BirdFont Team

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BirdFont Description

Not many users know how much effort can sometimes be invested in creating a font. Most of us take the various glyphs for granted and only a few can discern the fine lines that make the difference between similar fonts.

BirdFont is a utility that can help aficionados and professionals alike create new letter types. It can be used for business logos, where lettering can play an important role as far as product branding is concerned.

Clean interface

A clear-cut, straightforward interface lets you start working on your letters from scratch. When beginning a new project you are presented with a grid of letters and numbers as well as other characters so that you can select the one you want to invent.

Moreover, it can show a full list of Unicode characters to pick from and open those of interest into separate tabs either as different projects or as part of a single one.

Tools are available within easy reach, in the right hand part of the application window and for less experienced users a tooltip becomes available at the bottom of the application window when gliding the mouse cursor over the options.

Flexible set of tools

The choices available are exactly what one would expect in order to come up with precise lines that define a new character.

Precision drawing of lines and breaking them with control points are the cornerstone of a new font and BirdFont makes available a nice, flexible rack of options that allow bending the lines into the desired shape.

Applying a background image, zooming in and out, merging, rotating and resizing paths, making Bezier curves, convert points, circles and rectangles are all part of the arsenal of tools available in the application.


This is not a program for a wide range of users and trying to learn the ropes may prove a difficult task. However, BirdFont is flexible enough to provide users familiar with font creation the possibility to become creative and invent new representations for alphanumeric characters.

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