Biorhythms Calculator Amateur

Calculate and analyze your biorhythms, then generate various detailed graphs, charts and reports with this user-friendly application.

  • Biorhythms Calculator Amateur
  • Version :2016
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :BinaryMark

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Biorhythms Calculator Amateur Description

Biorhythms Calculator Amateur is a complex and intuitive application that you can use to analyze your biorhythms, in order to determine when you are best prepared, physically and mentally, to undertake certain tasks.

Note that if you choose to install the application, rather than run it in portable mode, it may include some third-party offers.

Create individual profiles

The first thing the application requires you to do is to input your name, gender, birth date and time. Based on these pieces of information, it calculates your biorhythms, so that you can later analyze them.

You can create multiple profiles, for various people, and organize them into relevant groups, that can be sorted by zodiac sign, name and gender. You can also assign a personal photo to each created profile, allowing you to locate it more easily.

Analyze your biorhythms

The application can calculate a total of 15 primary, secondary, I-Ching and intuitive pattern rhythms, and display their cycles in multiple forms. The most important information you can obtain from analyzing your biorhythms is when the active and passive phases for each of them begin and end.

During active and passive phases, you experience increased or diminished proficiency in activities associated with a particular rhythm. These can range from physical, intellectual, emotional and intuitive for primary rhythms, to aesthetic, awareness and spiritual for I-Ching rhythms.

Generate detailed charts and reports

Biorhythms Calculator Amateur enables you to view and export data in various forms. You can create graphs, charts, tables, timelines, reports and journals. It offers detailed explanations for each of your rhythms, allowing you to determine when certain activities are encouraged or should be avoided.

You can toggle various rhythms on and off, so that you can see only the ones you are interested in or create custom rhythms, that consist of a combination of others.

Overall, this is a comprehensive utility that can help you calculate and analyze your biorhythms, so that you can schedule important activities when you are most capable of performing them.

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