BinaryMark Batch Image Converter

Improve, optimize and convert your favorite images to a plethora of formats taking advantage of the multitude of options of this software solution.

  • BinaryMark Batch Image Converter
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BinaryMark Batch Image Converter Description

Irrespective of whether you are dreaming of making a career in photography or you simply enjoy taking pictures of places and people, chances are you need a reliable tool that can help you manage your images.

BinaryMark Batch Image Converter is a utility capable of enhancing a large number of digital photos, all in one go.

A plethora of functions

When it comes to functions, this is where the application really shines. From inverting the colors and resizing the file to fit the aspect ratio to altering the levels and curves or applying distortions, the program allows maximum tweaking for your pictures.

You can do the modification individually or create a sequence of actions before tweaking the photo. Rest assured that you can preview any changes made in the left panel before applying it.

A cluttered interface

Some users can argue that the more editing options, the better. On the other hand, the vast array of options are all displayed in a small middle panel, which can create confusion while working with an image on a tiny screen.

If you are not familiar with all the functions and what they do, there are good chances you will lose a lot of time looking for an edit option. This can be especially true if you are just getting started with processing image files.

It gets the job done

In spite of the crowded interface, BinaryMark Batch Image Converter is actually a good image enhancing utility if you have some experience with picture editing programs.

Moreover, this utility can surely come in handy if you are constantly working with a high number of pictures. In addition, it comes with an Automatic mode and a Trigger one, which allow you to schedule tasks and have the images processed while you are away from your computer.

It is designed for advanced users mostly

BinaryMark Batch Image Converter is not exactly a friendly application for beginner and, to a certain extent, for intermediary users.

On the other hand, if you are an advanced user, then you will be satisfied with the freedom the program provides through its multitude of options.

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