Binary Uptime

Find out for how long your computer’s been running through a customizable gadget window displaying time in binary mode for the geek in you.

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Binary Uptime Description

Windows is capable of displaying thorough details about your computer and the way it functions. However, you might not want to be overwhelmed by the vast quantity when looking for a simple info line, such as system uptime. In this regard, Binary Uptime comes as a small desktop gadget to display uptime in binary format.

Suitable host app required to run on Windows 8, 8.1, and 10

Note that this is a Windows Gadget and native support for gadgets was last encountered in Windows 7. On the bright side of things, you benefit from what it has to offer even on modern Windows iterations, but first you need to install a suitable host application such as 8GadgetPack or Thoosje Sidebar.

Once installed, it appears on the desktop like most gadgets. The design is neat, with a table displaying the time indicator like second, minute, hour, and day on a site, as well as binary values. It can be freely moved across the desktop and benefits from all the default settings of a gadget, such as opacity or possibility to stay on top of other windows.

Customize display element colors

On the other hand, it comes with a dedicated set of options to make it suit your style and blend in with your desktop. There’s the possibility to choose format mode, whether or not to show binary digit and time text, and adjust the overall size of the window. Changes can be revert to default at the press of a button.

Some additional options can be enabled to hide the gadget title, and whether or not to hide time text. Nearly every elements of the interface can be customized, at least in terms of colors. Changes are instantly applied. As such, you’re able to have system uptime shown in binary inside a cool, custom-colored window.

A few last words

All things considered, we can state that Binary Uptime comes as a lightweight tool which sits on the desktop to display system uptime. It does so in binary mode, which can be rather difficult to figure out, but it’s sure to be a solid part of your geek tool collection.

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