Binary Clock

Innovative gadget that displays a binary clock on your desktop, making the mundane task of reading the current time a lot more interesting.

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Binary Clock Description

There are a multitude of gadgets and widgets available for those who wish to place a stylish clock on their desktops, but, while their appearance is usually different, they all stick to the same basic concept.

It is safe to say that Binary Clock is unique in this regard, as it does away with regular decimal digits and displays the time using the binary number system. Needless to say, those who are not familiar with this representation may find it difficult to read the time, but it is never too late to learn.

Neat clock gadget that displays the time in binary

If you’ve decided that regular clocks are not for you, or if you just think that this concept is very interesting, then install Binary Clock and hit the web for a crash course in binary notation. It is not as difficult as you might expect, but reading the time will probably still take a while before you get the hang of things.

Essentially, the values that represent the number of seconds, minutes, seconds, as well as the day, month and year, are displayed using rows of colored cells or 1s and 0s.

Extensive visual customization options

As you would expect, it is possible to change the opacity and dimensions of the gadget, move it to any position on your desktop and keep it on top of all other windows.

However, you can also specify whether or not binary digits should be displayed, choose between a classic and modern clock format, as well as enable the time text display and set the desired time and date format.

Moreover, you have the option of hiding the title and copyright info that is shown by default, and the color of pretty much every interface element can be customized.

Great clock gadget for binary lovers

There may not be too many people out there who are familiar enough with binary to rely on this gadget, but the few who are should be very pleased with what Binary Clock has to offer. Thanks to the fact that its appearance can be personalized, you should be able to make it match your desktop without too much effort.

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