Binary Boy

A newsreader with NZB and RAR support. Custom settings for each newsgroup.

  • Binary Boy
  • Version :1.97 Build 104 / 1.97 Build 135 Beta
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
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Binary Boy Description

Usenet is network communication systems that connects users from all over the world, allowing quick file and message exchange. Created over a decade before the World Wide Web, Usenet has slowly reduced in importance along time, leaving room for its successors: blogs, forums and mailing lists.

Browse newsgroups and download files

Even so, nostalgic users still like sharing files and download software, games and multimedia files by accessing Usenet server farms. Although there are web-based gateways to access Usenet groups, a more comfortable way of doing so is by using a binary newsreader such as Binary Boy.

This application allows simultaneous connections and makes use of the Usenet search engines to look for all sorts of files, providing high download speeds. As such, you can create download queues and change the priority of grabbed files.

Perform NZB and RAR extractions

For each folder, you can specify custom search rules that can contain logic operators (and, or, not). The search results can be easily filtered by keywords and release date, so that you can quickly find exactly what you need.

Aside from manual search, the application enables you to extract the content of NZB and RAR archives, downloading the corresponding files with ease.

Thanks to the integrated schedule editor, you can easily instruct the application to download a specific newsgroup either at a predefined time or periodically. Another important feature is the integrated picture viewer, which enables you to take a look at the graphic files you downloaded before saving them locally.

A great reader for Usenet aficionados

Binary Boy is a reliable tool for those who want to access Usenet groups, providing compatibility with any regular news server. It allows manual search and NZB extraction and enables you to schedule and organize your downloads in an easy manner.

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