Bigger Directories

Easily manage long paths in Windows so you can overcome the MAX_PATH limitation that commonly reduces the character limit for path strings with this app.

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Bigger Directories Description

In the eventuality that you have recently attempted to copy or move files that are stored deep in multiple folder trees, then there is a good chance you got an error specifying that the system cannot find the file. In case you did not know, the Windows API comes with a limited that restricts the maximum length of a path to 260 characters.

Bigger Directories is an application that enables you to manage and bypass the limitation determined by MAX_PATH by providing you with the means to create folder repositories that consist of various temporary files. The advantage of folder repositories comes from the fact that they support around 1000  folders and structured nested 2000 deep.

It is important to note that the application comes with some limitations, namely that the folder creation is limited to the drive root path solely. In addition, you cannot revisit various nodes that you added in the folder tree structures and the tool does not handle symbolic links or Shell objects.

Nevertheless, let us not forget that the idea behind the application is to provide you with a solution that has Microsoft has been trying to fix for several years. While not elegant, the tool creates a temporary file where you can move the files that you are working with for your projects automatically. You can move files and folders from one place to another with a simple drag and drop from explorer.

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