Big Business

A software application that allows company administrators to manage customers, vendors, payments, tax, shipments, inventory and much more.

  • Big Business
  • Version : 10.17 Build 10564 / 10.17 Build 10569 Beta
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Big Business, Inc

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Big Business Description

Big Business is a comprehensive application that enables you to manage several aspects of your business, such as organize vendors, customers, employees or track inventories. It combines sales automation, database tracking, contact management and several accounting functions.

Quickly manage sales documents and procedures

Big Business allows you to easily generate and track sales quotes, mailing lists, stock levels, shipments, payments or received goods. The program includes several templates that you can use for configuring several types of businesses, such as retail, wholesale, distributions.

The program features separate toolbars, optimized for each category you can work with: customers, vendors, items, banking, notes, employees, bookkeeper and maintenance. Each category features a specialized searching engine, at close hand, which allows you to quickly find any item in the database.

You can easily view the listing for each category and manage the entries. For example, in the Vendor category, you can generate purchase orders, requisition lists, search for bills, schedule payments and print documents.

Manage accounts, employees, schedules

Big Business allows you to handle several banking accounts, for credit, savings, debit or checking. The program allows you to configure the accounts and facilitate automatic sales. It allows you to make deposits, reconcile bank statements and account balances, as well as to print checks for payments.

The Employees category is where you can enter the contact details of your subordinates, details that are imprinted on purchase orders or other processing reports. The Maintenance tab is where you can set user permissions for the application, configure Web APIs, barcodes, setup the Web server and assign passwords.

Program for sales companies

Big Business is simple to use and features a neat, organized interface that allows you to easily manage various aspects of your business. The program allows you to customize your ledger, create discounts or generate checks and invoices. Moreover, it features an advanced report generating function.

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