Collect and manage bibliographic data, research and notes with the help of this powerful, reliable and comprehensive software solution.

  • Biblioscape
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  • License :Shareware
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  • Publisher :CG Information

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Biblioscape Description

Biblioscape is a powerful and comprehensive application designed to help authors write their research papers, theses or articles by managing and organizing bibliographical data or research. It features a reliable database back-end that can be made accessible to the web and supports multiple users.

Import data from a variety of online and local sources

As mentioned before, this application was designed to collect, manage and organize various items of scholarly bibliographical research and data. In order to do so, it provides authors with several ways of importing such data.

Users can search and download information from multiple online sources, such as bibliographic databases and search engines.

Information can also be added from PDFs. Biblioscape can then automatically extract text from the specified files and add metadata retrieved from the Internet.

Manage and organize your bibliographical research

Items of data collected by users can be organized by several criteria. They can be added to projects, assigned tags or categories and searched by either the information contained within or the previously mentioned criteria.

Records can also be linked to others in the same database, to notes or to external resources, such as web pages or files.

Users have the option of automatically searching for duplicates before adding a file to the database in order to avoid clutter.

What’s more, users can also modify fields belonging to all of their databases’ records by using the global edit function.


This is a comprehensive software solution that can help authors catalog and share large bodies of reference materials with ease. Its powerful built-in features and functions make it easy to create well documented academic papers.

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