Enables you to easily produce complex geometric shapes and designs that are adjustable in real time, as well as color and print them.

  • BezierDraw
  • Version :1.52
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Alvin Penner

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BezierDraw Description

Drawing patterns and shapes for enjoyment, projects or creations is something many users do or might like to do. The process becomes more complicated however, when the shape involves more curves and advanced geometric patterns, most tools included in applications fall short when it comes to curved designs. BenzierDraw is an application that enables users to specifically create advanced geometric and mathematical shapes easily and quickly.

A deceptive number of templates that quickly becomes impressive and customizable

At first glance, the application seems to only offer a handful of template shapes to use. However, once users select a shape to use, it opens up a separate window where users can edit the number of vertices and increments. It can turn a basic template into a very complicated and intricate design. Coupled with the application’s ability to layer these designs while still keeping the space inbetween colorable, makes it very easy to use. The lack of an expandable window does limit the size of designs though and stifle creativity slightly.

By selecting a few of the templates and placing them upon one another, users will end up with a snowflake like design in seconds. From there, all users have to do is color them in or just print them off, instantly creating their own designs that can be colored in on paper. The application advocates them as greeting card designs, but they could easily be offered to children in a homemade coloring book.

Very simple to operate and even harder to do badly with

The application uses a radial symmetry system, the designs all rotate from a single point and are edited from it. If users take the star design for instance, they cannot bend one of the points, adjustments affect the entire shape and are balanced continuously around the center point. Meaning that, while users can end up with various versions of the basic star shape, they cannot ruin the design and create something non-geometrical.

The single line tools, the polyLine and the polyBezier are harder to use, they operate slightly unintuitive compared to the rest of the application. Users can create a series of lines by clicking on various points. To stop creating lines though, users have to select a new tab. A right click feature to end the line would make it a bit more convenient to use. The tools remain exceptionally user friendly though and a child could very easily create quite complicated designs with very little help.

A complicated drawing tool, compacted into a user friendly and simple to operate application

BenzierDraw is a very versatile application that has done the difficult job of making complex mathematical and geometric designs accessible. No knowledge of equations is needed, just select what appeals and begin creating beautiful patterns. While it could still be improved in a few areas, people of all ages could make use of it and enjoy it.

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