Better ListView

A programming component working as a ListView replacement control for .NET development projects, that you can use in Visual Studio.

  • Better ListView
  • Version:3.15.0
  • License :Shareware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Component Owl

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Better ListView Description

Better ListView is an advanced WinForms control piece of software which aims to assist developers who work in Visual Studio by offering them an alternative to the built-in ListView component. It provides them with additional features, functionality improvements, and a more intuitive appearance.

The tool was written from the ground up, using C#, and unlike other products, it does not act as a ListView wrapper, which makes it worthy to consider, whenever users find themselves having trouble with the original Listview.

It is compatible with versions of Visual Studio 2005 and upwords, supporting various languages, including C#, Visual Basic .NET, managed C++ and other Common Language Infrastructure systems.

Aside from fixing the bugs encountered in the default .NET ListView, Better ListView also offers new functions, including data binding capabilities, inbuilt sorting, item formatting, radio buttons, custom tooltips and item reordering.

Some other additions include three state checkboxes, embedded controls, alphanumeric sorting support, text on empty lists, serialization to XML and binary and many others.

Moreover, the component also improves some of the existing features of the classic ListView, namely customizing label editing, makes groups collapsible and focusable, allows for variable image sizes and permits full control over owner drawing.

It has also ameliorated the functioning of certain features, such as custom item heights, detailed hit tests, searching by typing or drag and drop. At the same time, some aspects have been dropped, for instance hot tracking, RTL support or virtual mode.

Moreover, Better ListView comes with numerous samples and their source code, thus enabling users to easily play around with it and assess its capabilities in detail.

System requirements

  • Visual Studio

Limitations in the unregistered version

  • Nag screen

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