A simple and straightforward application that handles almost all kinds of archives, including ZIP, JAR or TAR and allows you to scan them for errors.

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BestCompactor Description

Archives are widely used in the computer world and especially on the Internet. Packing files together has many upsides and advantages, such as faster and easier transfer from one user to another.

The archiving process also compresses the files, so the overall size is reduced and they occupy less space on the hard disk. At the moment, there are many widespread archive formats that require specific applications to be opened and that might cause confusion among the users.

Open and extract different file formats

BestCompactor supports all the commonly used file compression formats, regardless of the program used to archive them. It can open and extract ZIP, CAB, TAR and RAR files with the same accuracy as the native applications.

Once the archives are opened, BestCompactor displays details like size, creation date and compression ratio for every available file inside the package.

Check files for errors and create new archives

Some of the documents may contain errors or signs of corruption and you would not find out about it until you unpack and see that they do not work properly. But, by using the CheckOut function provided by the application, you can verify the contents of an archive and scan for any sign of trouble beforehand.

BestCompactor can also create new archives, besides being able to open them. The process is as straightforward as it can be, since all you need to do is add the desired files and choose the output format.

Closing arguments

Although the user interface may look a bit outdated, BestCompactor is a potent application that does its job well and without hassle. Every available feature is fully functional and the resulting archives behave as expected.

The ability to check the files for errors is the distinguishing quality of this utility and makes the application a noteworthy contestant among the other compression tools.

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