Benkyou Studio Portable

An intuitive and straightforward piece of software that provides you with several tools that can help you learn a foreign language more efficiently.

  • Benkyou Studio Portable
  • Version :1.01
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Keith Sear

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Benkyou Studio Portable Description

Whether you plan to travel in various places across the world, you want to make your CV more appealing or perhaps, you just like the way it sounds, learning a foreign language comes with manifold benefits. While it may sound complicated, in most cases studying a new language can be a matter of having the right tool to help you out.

Benkyou Studio Portable is an application that packs several tools to help you get started with learning a new language. The app supports multiple languages, including German, Italian, Spanish, Korean or French, just to name a few.

Simple installation and rugged interface

The setup is quick and uneventful, especially since it entails decompressing the archive in the desired location on your local drives. The program comes with an outdated interface, although it is designed with multiple colors and allows you to customize the layout.

The main window consists of a rectangular window that features all available feature and tools, including but not limited to a Unicode converter, calculator, text processor and currency calculator. As you probably hinted, accessing any function opens up a separate window.

Allows you to study multiple languages in an interactive way

The perk of the utility stems from the fact that you have a comprehensive dictionary at your disposal that you can consult to find out the meaning of various words. On a side note, the app was initially developed to help users learn Japanese, but it supports numerous more languages now.

A noteworthy feature of the application is Mouse Flash, a feature that allows you to study new words in an interesting way. Not only does the tool enable you to view the expression in the desired language and listen to its pronunciation, but you can also preview the English translation and practice repeating it. Moreover, you can check out your progress anytime by trying out a multiple choice quiz anytime.

A utility that can help you learn multiple foreign languages

Even though it does not come in an appealing interface, Benkyou Studio Portable is an application that can provide you with numerous tools aimed at helping you learn foreign languages.

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