Belkasoft Evidence Center Ultimate

A comprehensive and reliable software solution that allows you to retrieve various digital evidence, such as messenger logs and browser history.

  • Belkasoft Evidence Center Ultimate
  • Version :7.3 Build 1162
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Belkasoft

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Belkasoft Evidence Center Ultimate Description

Belkasoft Evidence Center Ultimate is a powerful program designed to provide investigators with the possibility to search for evidence in computer data such as instant messenger logs, internet browser history, and email.

With the help of this program, users can search, store, analyze and share digital evidence on the hard drive almost effortlessly. The tool has been designed to extract the needed data from volatile memory dumps, mobile devices, and other locations.

Analyze IM and social network data

Investigators can take advantage of Belkasoft Evidence Center Ultimate’s capabilities to analyze info discovered in IM logs, browser history, mailboxes and social network remnants. Additionally, it can be used to search and view data from game chats, documents, photos, and encrypted and registry files.

With the help of this program, users can recover deleted files, thus being able to discover any hidden data that standard searches could not find.

Increased easy-of-use

Although aimed mainly at professionals, the application features an intuitive interface that makes it easy-to-use for all those interested in taking it for a spin. Even so, it is a reliable forensics tool and can perform sophisticated analysis of discovered data via a graphic timeline.

The program can find digital evidence by searching unusual places on a computer and offers support for hundreds of artifacts. Additionally, it allows users to create reports that can be presented to the public or in court.

With the help of this piece of software, investigators can work on multiple cases at the same time, being offered the possibility to manage any of them directly from the tool’s main window.

A reliable investigation tool

The utility is relatively fast considering its size. It can automatically scan the computer for data of interest and allows users to browse through the discovered files directly from its main window.

All in all, Belkasoft Evidence Center Ultimate is an easy-to-use but powerful digital evidence discovery and analysis tool. It allows investigators to search and analyze chats, emails, social network data and other types of files and to create reports that can be easily presented in court when needed.

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