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Easily organize your rental activities, tasks, contacts, units, work orders and appointments, with this comprehensive software solution.

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Bed & Breakfast Tracker Plus Description

If you own and rent various properties, you may be looking for easier way to manage them and organize administrative tasks.

Bed & Breakfast Tracker Plus is a complex tool, designed to help you keep track of all your rental activities, manage reservations, income and expenses, as well as generate and send confirmations, statements or receipts.

Manage multiple rental units

The application allows you to add any number of rooms or apartments and keep track of rental history and assets.

You can view when the selected unit was rented and to whom, enabling you to determine when any potential problems might have arisen.

Additionally, you can also add amenities and assets, the unit’s cost and purchase date, as well as owner information and additional notes.

Bed & Breakfast Tracker Plus also enables you to manage housekeeping duties for each unit.

Organize rental activities and track availability

The application can display a report of all reservations made for your units over a specific time period, allowing you to keep track of each one’s availability.

You can easily manage your income and expenses, issue work orders and manage all your contacts.

Moreover, you can create detailed to-do lists, specify each task’s priority and category, them view them on a daily, weekly or monthly calendar.

To help you manage time zones, convert units of measurement or various types of currency, the program includes a complex universal calculator.

Offers extensive documentation, but an outdated interface

Bed & Breakfast Tracker Plus is packed with useful functions, but the application’s appearance leaves a lot to be desired. It features an outdated user interface that looks very much out of place on modern operating systems.

It does, however, offer detailed documentation and a guided tour, which can be very helpful for first-time users.

All in all, if you are looking for a comprehensive reservation management application, you should try Bed & Breakfast Tracker Plus. It offers numerous useful features and extensive documentation, but its interface is somewhat out-of-date.

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