Beantrader Latinum

A software application designed for FOREX and CFD traders that provides real-time data on quotes and evolution graphs for currency.

  • Beantrader Latinum
  • Version : 3.8.12
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Beantrader

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Beantrader Latinum Description

FOREX trading is as much a job as a skill. There are many intricate aspects of buying, selling and exchanging currencies, which can be gained only through learning and experiencing it first hand. Beantrader Latinum is a software application designed to aid beginners and experts in trading currency.

A lightweight application with standard trend charts

The software is quick to install, and it does not have any outstanding hardware requirements. Most modern operating systems support this program, allowing you access FOREX accounts.

The interface is typical for a trading software, and you will quickly recognize the candlestick charts. It can prove overwhelming for beginners, yet it is well organized. The most important features are displayed in the main window. Professional traders can include more functionality by adding complicated studies and customizing the trend intervals.

Log in with your FOREX account

The application requires you to own two accounts. The first is for the core program, which determines the maximum balance and whether your actions affect the live market. The second account is for the trading service, which connects you to one of the established markets around the world.

You can use this software to learn the ropes just as easily as you can make real-time decisions on transactions. It can provide information at regular intervals, and it offers a myriad of studies, statistics, pattern recognition, momentum, volume and volatility indicators. It is a complex application once you get into details, and it is reliable enough to make it into the workflow of professional traders.

Trade on various markets to increase your profits

All in all, Beantrader Latinum is a powerful tool, suited for learning purposes and real trading situations. It connects to FXCM and OANDA trading services, and it is powerful enough to compete in the software market. During testing, it did not crash or display any error messages, so you can try it out yourselves.

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