A collection of command line tools that help you modify H.264 video streams and manage MPLS playlists, which are specific to Blu-ray discs.

  • BDTools
  • Version :2.00
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :videofan3d

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BDTools Description

Handling video streams and Blu-ray files requires dedicated software utilities. BDTools bundles a collection of command line utilities designed for manipulating H.264 video streams and MPLS playlists.

Change the parameters of H.264 files without re-encoding

There are three different applications inside the BDTools package. The first is suggestively called H.264 Stream Modifier, and it allows you to alter some parameters of an H.264 stream without having to re-encode the video. To begin with, you can increase or decrease the frame rate. The sample aspect ratio can also be tampered with, as you can either enter a width-height combination or one of the available codes to define it.

The H.264 profile idc-number (or the verbal code, as indicated by the application) is also customizable. However, as with all the other parameters, you should be cautious when altering the default values, as these changes might render the file unusable.

Convert MPLS to JSON and viceversa

BDTools also comes with a set of tools that can manipulate MPLS playlists, which are part of Blu-ray discs.

The first, named MPLS to JSON, can easily convert an MPLS playlist into human-readable JSON files and vice-versa. In other words, you can use it to alter the content of an MPLS playlist.

The second is named MPLS Dump and analyzes an MPLS playlist to retrieve information about the M2TS structure inside it.

Console-based MPLS manipulation package for advanced users

BDTools is mainly targeted at those who need a tool for handling MPLS playlist files, found in Blu-ray navigation. All applications run in the Windows console only, but their options are easy to understand, and their syntax is simple. Nevertheless, some operations might damage the input files, so make sure you either get properly documented or create backups of your data before using this package.

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