A useful tool that was especially tailored for users who need to scan barcodes by using a simple webcam connected to their system.

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bcWebCam Description

Getting a fast and accurate reading of a barcode without having to use a dedicated hardware device other than a webcam is easy to do, provided that there is also a specialized software solution installed onto the same system.

Among the many utilities that are able to recognize this type of codes and extract the encoded data is bcWebCam. Easy to install and bearing a simple, yet very practical GUI, this tool will get you started in a couple of minutes.

As soon as you open it, you will be able to checkout a 3-step tutorial, with suggestive screenshots, so using the program should be fairly easy. The generous space dedicated to the video stream that comes from the webcam is more than enough to have any barcode fit the screen and be read effortlessly.

The only thing you need to adjust while scanning a code from an opened document, image or webpage is the camera focus, so there will be no blurriness to impede the interpretation of the symbols.

Insofar as the types of supported barcodes is concerned, bcWebCam is able to work with a wide assortment of families. Thus, you will be able to have 2/5, Code39, GS1, 2-D, EAN, UPC, Code 93 and many more kinds of codes scanned and accurately decoded.

QR Codes are also recognized and you can set a variety of parameters for length, checksum, maximum skew angle or inclination, as well as angle of rotation. As soon as one of the supported barcodes is detected, it will be deciphered and the data displayed in the corresponding box on the upper side of the main window.

All in all, bcWebCam comes with a strong feature set and support for a sufficient number of symbologies to make it a reliable helper for all users who need to have barcode data interpreted and decoded on the fly.

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