Battery Life Maximizer

Extend your laptop’s battery life by identifying problems, such as power hungry processes and badly configured components, with this useful tool.

  • Battery Life Maximizer
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  • Publisher :Luculent Systems, LLC

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Battery Life Maximizer Description

Battery Life Maximizer is an application designed to help you get the most out of your laptop’s battery by identifying certain problems and solving them automatically or with your help. It’s a tool meant to improve battery efficiency as well as increase its duration when you need it most.

User-friendly interface

From the moment you launch it, Battery Life Maximizer displays in a section of its main window an overview of the current status. You get some graphs that indicate how long your battery will last in normal conditions, and how much juice you can squeeze out of it after you apply some utility recommended optimizations.

Apart from a summary, Battery Life Maximizer also allows you to view detailed information about existing problems, program activity and battery usage, all available in neatly organized tables that are easy to access.

Quickly resolve battery life problems

Battery Life Maximizer first scans your laptop in order to gather data and based on that, it suggests improvements. After that’s done, it automatically fixes basic problems and generates a full report which contains the impact rank of the problem, what action is taken, problem location and a short description of it.

Double-clicking an identified issue brings up a window from where you opt for a solution or have automatic notifications disabled for that particular case. A good thing about Battery Life Maximizer is that it allows you to choose how aggressive you want it to be by having it use more or less CPU when the case calls for it.

To offer you more control over which running processes drain battery, Battery Life Maximizer enables you to manually close them directly from the application using a function that is very similar to Windows Task Manager.

Prolong the life of your laptop’s battery

To sum things up, Battery Life Maximizer is easy to use, has intuitive functions and offers a simple and straightforward means of improving and extending the life of your laptop’s battery.

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