A utility to batch-change the creation and/or modification date of files and folders.

  • BatchTouch
  • Version :1.2.0 Build 45
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Roger Meier

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BatchTouch Description

For those who regularly work with files and lots of similar files, the file creation and modified date can be important information for organizing work. BatchTouch allows users to edit the creation or modified date of a file, or stamp it with a new date and time.

A clean, clear interface that allows users to manipulate vast numbers of files easily

The application can batch edit large numbers of files with no problem, BatchTouch processes them quickly and efficiently with easy to understand options. It includes a number of useful filters that make it easier when processing an entire directory of files. A search feature would also be helpful, but that does not impede the application’s use too much.

It also lacks a standard load file option, the only way to load files into the application is with the drag and drop feature. This is a minor inconvenience that some users might find a little irritating from time to time, but it is redeemed by how well BatchTouch performs its main function.

Useful, customizable settings that have been laid out with thought

There are no problems with how BatchTouch operates in its main functions, the customizable editing options can be used all at once or individually. The option to edit the creation date independently from the modified date is very useful and stops the application from sabotaging its own efforts.

The new date and new time additions can both be customized, adding one as standard or setting a unique one independently of the other. Therefore, a custom time can be set with today’s date as standard, along with various other useful editing combinations.

The special editing options are a nice addition and allow for some blanket editing to save time or when less individual attention is required. It is clear that the design of this application was done by someone who has had to edit a large number of files individually and knows the problems that go with it.

A very useful, well thought-out application that is just missing a few extra conveniences

All in all, the application is very good at what it does and if you do need to edit the time stamps of multiple files it is an excellent choice. The lack of a few simple additions to the application stop it from being a great one, but it is still a fine tool for mass editing.

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