Create and take control over the startup and behavior of the batch files on your computer via an intuitive GUI using this simple app.

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Batchrun Description

In the eventuality that you want to automate the start-up on your computer or prefer to login your favorite game client faster, then there is a fair chance you are thinking of creating a batch file.

Batchrun is a lightweight and intuitive application that allows you to seamlessly create batch files for the application that you would like to run together.

Minimalistic UI that displays all the accessible tools

While it is not exactly eye-candy, the interface is clean and well-organized, in spite of the fact that the main window includes all the functions that the application can perform. In the upper section, you can select the file that you want to execute along with the parameter, delay, command, priority and run mode. In the lower section, you can preview a combo box that displays all the actions and the parameters specified for them.

It is worth mentioning that the utility enables you to select the appropriate command for the script, meaning that you can run, copy, make a directory, kill the process, delete or copy it to clipboard. Therefore, the applicability of the program is quite wide and it can be used for numerous projects.

Easy batch file creation, but do not forget to double-check the order

You can build a batch file by simply specifying the executable files that you want to run and then adding them in the combo box. For instance, by selecting the MakeDir command, you can create multiple directories in the specified location at once.

Then again, you should make sure that you are creating an appropriate order as otherwise running the batch file could backfire. On a side note, in the eventuality that you change your mind, you can alter the position of the executables in the dedicated field. You can do that with drag and drop or via the context menu.

A simple tool that simplifies running multiple processes together

If you are looking for a tool that enables you to process sequels that you can run and speed things up during start-up or when working on a project, then Batchrun could lend you a hand.

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