BatchPhoto Home

A powerful photo editing software that enables you to apply modifications, filters, resizing or color adjustments to batches of images.

  • BatchPhoto Home
  • Version :4.2
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Bits&Coffee

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BatchPhoto Home Description

BatchPhoto Home is a reliable software, capable of editing large batches of images, by applying photo filters, resizing or annotate them. The software features powerful photo enhancements tools, allowing you to configure a set of filters that it can transfer to all the images in the group.

Batch photo management, individual preview

The software enables you to create a collection of photos that you wish to adjust, then configure the set of filters you want to apply to them. You can easily manipulate the images, using software’s functions, from the Edit Photos tab. You can select any of the images in the group to use as a preview for the editing process.

Any modification you add to an image represents a filter. Thus, you can apply annotations, transformations, touch-ups, Fx filters, or decorate a photo. Each category contains multiple editing options that you can use to modify a picture. For instance, the Transformation tab offers rotating, cropping, resizing, or color replacing tools.

Various color adjustment tools

Aside from adding annotations and changing the image resolution, you may also adjust the colors, light levels, contrast or noise. Moreover, you can apply artistic filters and turn your image into an oil paint, colorized scheme or add Gaussian blur. Various photo frames may be configured as well.

By selecting multiple filters, you create a photo manipulating configuration that the software can apply to all the images in the group. You need to set a photo renaming rule, in order to avoid overwriting the original files or create new subfolders with each batch of photos you modify. Furthermore, you may change the files’ output format, by selecting one of the supported types.

Photo manipulator and converter

Not only can BatchPhoto Home apply numerous photo filters, but it can also batch process and save them as different formats. The software supports a wide range of output file types, including BMP, EPS, GIF, PDF, SGI, TGA, TIFF or WBMP. You may enhance the image’s light levels, turn them to artistic pictures, add annotations, even improve their DPI values, for a better quality when printing.

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