Remote administration alternative that allows management and maintenance operations of multiple machines in one go, with remote desktop connection capabilities.

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BatchPatch Description

System administrators require special tools for maintaining all the stations in the network in tip top shape, which generally means installing the necessary updates, deploying various software, scripts or commands.

Dependencies and installation

BatchPatch has been created as an all-in-one tool for the aforementioned tasks as well as for keeping an eye on the available resources and the running services and processes.

The application requires .NET Framework and PsExec tool to function properly. Launching the program is an easy task because there is no need to go through an installation routine; just double click the executable file and then start adding the hosts.

Packs a lot of punch under the hood

Beyond the simple looks lurks an entire arsenal of options that can help with troubleshooting on remote hosts as well as with preparing them for the tasks they’re intended for.

You can easily add the hosts to the main application window and handle them from this area by using the choices available in the context menu; and the list is quite hefty, comprising not just management options but also the possibility to start a remote desktop connection.

If deploying the latest updates on remote hosts is generally a complicated operation, BatchPatch provides all the tools necessary for completing the action automatically.

The application can first check if new files are available and then run the routine according to user-defined parameters. The administrator has the choice to customize the list of updates that should be downloaded and installed.

Rebooting, shutting down and Wake-on-LAN are among the capabilities of the product, just like the possibility to execute commands and processes.

Furthermore, BatchPatch can be used to retrieve details about the remote machine, such as CPU and RAM usage, disk space, event log entries or the service pack level.

Comprehensive tool for managing remote hosts

BatchPatch is a professional utility that allows handling and maintaining remote hosts in a very comfortable manner. It provides a flexible set of options all being easily accessible from the main application window.

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