This is a smart program that helps you to crop and resize images, as well as to change their format in batch mode, preserving the quality of the original files.

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BatchCrop Description

BatchCrop is a lightweight and user-friendly piece of software meant to help you reduce the dimensions of your pictures in bulk, while also providing you with a series of editing functions to alter the looks of your images.

Clean and accessible appearance

The application features a simple and approachable user interface, its looks proving not in the slightest intimidating or overwhelming, even for novices.

The main window allows you to load the targeted files either by browsing through your computer and adding them or by pasting them from clipboard.

Effortlessly cut, watermark, frame or rotate your pictures

BatchCrop supports a wide array of file formats, making it easy for you to work with all your photos, indiscriminately. Once loaded into the program you can start setting the cutting margin for each item individually, all while being able to compare it to the original.

The ‘Adjust Crop’ section helps you define the targeted area down to the last pixel, but it can also automatically detect light or dark margins; similarly, you can apply a fixed crop, depending on your needs.

The utility allows you to rotate images left and right, or at a preferred angle. Similarly, they can be flipped horizontally or vertically, as well as converted to different formats, namely JPEG, PNG, BMP or TIFF, in varying qualities.

Other tools you can work with include the ‘Add Frame’ button or the ‘Caption’ function, which can be customized from the ‘Options’ section of BatchCrop in terms of color, transparency, position and dimensions.

A straightforward image processing instrument

To conclude, BatchCrop is a handy and effective application aimed to assist you in performing a set of simple editing operations onto your favorite pictures, including reducing their width and height or stamping them with your copyright.

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