Select multiple pictures and process them simultaneously by using this lightweight, useful program that comes with a simple interface.

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BatchBlitz Description

Editing your photos can get quite boring and repetitive, especially when you have to apply the same manipulation (e.g. adding watermarks) technique on multiple files.

There is a fast and easy way of editing multiple files without having to manually handle each one of them: using batch image editors, such as BatchBlitz.

User-friendly interface

This useful application comes with an unsophisticated user interface, thus making it easy even for beginners to fully benefit from its functions, without great efforts.

BatchBlitz features a tree folder-navigation pane that allows you to access your files easily. It is possible to toggle folder and file visibility in the main window, so that only source images are displayed.

You can select individual or multiple files and even invert your selection by using the corresponding function in the context menu.

Multiple editing possibilities

You can choose from various pre-processing, processing and post-processing functions to apply to photos, such as filtering certain file types, adding text, auto-adjusting contrast and converting to a specified format. However, file conversion only supports limited formats: BMP, JPG and PNG.

In addition, you can further customize your content by using the built-in photo editor that allows you to apply filters, effects and photo adjustments.

Live preview support

BatchBlitz features a live preview window that displays image effects, filters and adjustments as you apply them, without saving content to the file.

It is possible to clear private information (recent file list, filter file list) from the program by accessing the corresponding function and selecting which data is no longer useful.

To wrap it up, BatchBlitz can prove to be a useful application if you are looking for image editing software that features batch file handling. However, you should be aware that this utility provides limited support for file types and might not work with other formats than JPG, BMP and PNG.

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