Batch Video To Image Extractor

An easy to use application that can help users quickly save the frames from any movie file as individual digital pictures to a folder of their choosing.

  • Batch Video To Image Extractor
  • Version :0.1.7
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :AuDane Software

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Batch Video To Image Extractor Description

Often it happens that when watching a movie or a short clip, users would like to keep a certain scene as a still image and or even a set of pictures to make a collage or use them as wallpapers.

Besides the dedicated screen capture applications that could come in handy for such a task, there are some specialized utilities that are specifically developed to work with video files and grab the needed images on the fly and Batch Video To Image Extractor is one of them.

Plain GUI for fast processing

Once the installation is complete, you will be able to start using the program immediately and get to know all its features. The layout is simple, with a clear focus on functionality rather than good looks.

All the commands and configurations are visible in the main window, without having to go through complex menus in order to get the job done. Adding the videos to the processing list can be done individually or in batches and Batch Video To Image Extractor also supports adding entire folders at once.

Basic set of settings for customizing the output

Insofar as the actual operation of this application is concerned, you should find it rather easygoing because all you have to do is load one or more videos and make a couple of selections to set up the options before pressing the ‘Extract’ button.

With Batch Video To Image Extractor you will be able to grab every single frame from a movie clip or save images at a predetermined interval of frames or seconds. A neat feature of this tool is the ability to capture multi frame images, thus allowing you to save a lot of space by embedding up to 225 snapshots in one picture.

Save frames from any video with ease

All things considered, Batch Video To Image Extractor is a decent software solution that can prove quite useful for all users, be them advanced or less experienced. The extensive support for numerous output file types and the ease of use recommend it, even if the feature set could certainly use some upgrades.

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