Batch Photo Face

Automatically detects faces in your photographs and performs various actions, such as rotating the images and applying filters to them.

  • Batch Photo Face
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  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :BinaryMark

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Batch Photo Face Description

If you are interested in photography, you probably understand the importance of third-party applications and how they can help you simplify your tasks.

In the situation depicted above, you can turn to specialized software solutions such as Batch Photo Face, which can help you achieve quick, satisfactory results.

Cluttered layout

This program comes with a rather cluttered user interface that packs a large amount of functions, which can be accessed either from the dedicated toolbar buttons or their menu entries.

Due to the small size of its icons, some users might find it difficult to understand and operate its controls without difficulty. However, exploring its interface for a while can help them familiarize themselves with its functions and use them accordingly.

Perform face-detection operations

You can turn to Batch Photo Face if you need to use face detection features for several images on your computer at the same time, as this application provides you with batch processing capabilities.

It is possible to adjust some face detection parameters in order to enhance the accuracy of its functions. Some of them are minimum and maximum face size, the direction of the face and also variability. You can also increase or decrease speed and accuracy or toggle the detection of all the faces in the picture.

Poorly organized actions

Although the main purpose of this application is to help you detect faces and perform some relevant actions like cropping to face or rotating the picture according to the face, it also features a wide variety of auxiliary options.

However, the actions are poorly organized, since its main functions are placed among auxiliary ones, making them hard to locate. Among the extra functions you can find applying watermarks, using visual effects and performing basic image adjustments like modifying contrast or brightness values.

Face-detection application with various functions

All in all, Batch Photo Face is a program that can help you detect faces in your photographs and perform a handful of relevant actions such as rotating the photo according to the face’s position or cropping to face. It comes with a cluttered user interface that packs a set of poorly organized functions by mixing its main actions with the auxiliary ones, making them difficult to locate.

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