Batch Image Watermarker

Apply text or image watermarks to multiple images in one operation, edit and convert photos to other formats, with this complex application.

  • Batch Image Watermarker
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Batch Image Watermarker Description

Protecting original photos from copyright infringement can be very important, but if you are working with a large amount of files, adding watermarks to all of them is both tiring and time-consuming.

Batch Image Watermarker is a comprehensive application that you can use to apply various types of watermarks to multiple files in one operation, in manual, automatic or scheduled mode. It can also be used to edit images and convert them to other formats.

Note that if you install the application, instead of running it in portable mode, it may include some third-party offers.

Apply watermarks to multiple images

The application allows you to add an unlimited number of text or image-based watermarks to your photos and determine their position, opacity and size. They are applied as layers, and you can choose which color channels are merged, as well as specify the blending mode.

If the image you are using as a watermark lacks the desired transparency, you can create it manually from the photo’s background color.

Watermarks can be applied selectively, based on certain image properties, such as image size, aspect ratio, resolution and embedded metadata.

Edit photos and convert them to other formats

Batch Image Watermarker enables you to resize, crop and rotate images, as well as add various types of visual effects. You can also perform certain color-related adjustments, such as modifying brightness, contrast, saturation, hue and RGB values.

The application can simply be used as batch image converter, as it supports numerous output formats, including JPG, PNG, GIF, BML, BMP and TIFF.

Process files automatically and schedule jobs

This utility offers a useful function that you can access to create monitors that scan a specified path continually, then perform certain actions automatically when predefined conditions are met.

You can also create scheduled jobs, that are performed at specific times and dates or based on preset triggers.

Overall, Batch Image Watermarker is a comprehensive tool, which you can use to apply text or image-based watermarks to numerous files in batch, edit them, as well convert them to other formats.

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