Batch File Renamer

An easy to use and simple application that enables users to quickly change the name of their files by adding prefixes or suffixes.

  • Batch File Renamer
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  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Lantech Soft

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Batch File Renamer Description

Manually renaming a large number of files is a waste of time, since there are applications that can help you obtain the same result in minutes. One of them is Batch File Renamer and as its name suggests, is a software utility that aims to provide a quick and efficient method to change file names.

Simple usage and integrated explorer

Thanks to the user-friendly interface and the intuitive options working with Batch File Renamer should pose no problem to users. All the features are one-click away in the main window, where you can select the source folder and the location where the output files will be copied or moved. Of course, you can also instruct Batch File Renamer to replace existing files, if that is what you want.

Batch File Renamer comes with a built-in file explorer that enables you to easily navigate to the desired location to select the input files. To make your job even easier, it provides filtering options, which comes in handy in situations when you want to rename a specific type of file.

Customize the name of your files

You can add prefixes and suffixes to the file name, include custom separators in the name, define unique parameters such as increasing numbers or letters or even change the name completely. In addition to this, Batch File Renamer is capable of modifying the file extension during the renaming process.

As mentioned above, the output files will be saved either in the same location, replacing the originals or in a whole other folder of your choice. The destination directory can be opened in Explorer directly from the application’s main window.

Perform batch renaming operations

Batch File Renamer is one of the many software solutions for those who need to quickly customize the names of large multimedia collection or any other types of files. It is easy to use and does its job well, saving you time and effort. Furthermore, its straightforward GUI makes it suitable for any type of user, beginner or not.

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