Manage your audio files and play them with this tool that creates a database for source tracks and allows you to control the playback quality.

  • BaseHead
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  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :BaseHead Inc.

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BaseHead Description

BaseHead is a comprehensive audio file manager that is designed to assist users in locating and playing their music. The resource creates a database containing source documents and can apply advanced search filters.

Works great with large audio libraries

Users that save numerous tracks on their disk will find this resource particularly valuable. As any search engine does, it essentially creates an index of each entry, which allows quickly finding the right item, even in a database with thousands of songs. These things considered, the software is of little use to casual music listeners that either don’t have their music stored locally or own few tracks.

The interface is quite complex and visually appealing at the same time. There are several frames that deal with specific content (e.g. a player or a file lister) and navigation is performed by using the several available buttons (these are linked to the core program functions). A dark-blue theme dominates the GUI and gives the whole application a rather nice distinctive touch.

Can import directories into the database

BaseHead draws its power from the libraries it creates. Users are free to load an existing database, or create their own. Local folders can be attached to the database and the songs within are automatically indexed. Any other extensions are dropped, which means users are free to load directories with heterogeneous content.

Once the library has been constructed, users can apply extensive search queries, employing multiple parameters (e.g. the bitrate, number of channels or sample rate). This function is very powerful, as users with numerous tracks can apply very diverse and powerful search filters.

Features advanced searching algorithms

What’s more, the resource can employ logical operators (e.g. AND or NOT), which vastly improves the searching mechanism.

In conclusion, BaseHead is a highly detailed audio management suite that will be very handy for users with large databases of songs and tracks.

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