Block websites by creating rules and by targeting specific devices by relying on this intuitive and surprisingly user-friendly proxy server.

  • Barrier
  • Version :1.0.651
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Anfibia

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Barrier Description

Barrier is a powerful and very intuitive piece of software designed from the ground up to restrict or block the access to various websites and domains.

The best thing about this web filter is the fact that it works straight-out-of-the-box, without the need for complex configurations, making it well suited for users who want a simple and fast solution for controlling web content.

Sports a novice-accessible web-based GUI

You can take advantage of everything this web filter has to offer from its web-based GUI. Even though after its installation, the app automatically makes use of your computer’s web browser to load its GUI, you should know that you can also manually point it to your localhost address, port 8020.

This is the perfect time to point out that Barrier is optimized to work with the most popular web browsers out there, namely Firefox, Chrome,

Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 10, but you should not have any problems if go with other options, at least in theory.

Simple yet appropriately powerful solution for web filtering

Evidently, your browser and other clients have to be configured to pass through the proxy server in order to access the Internet. By default, the server is reachable at, port 8822, although this configuration can be effortlessly changed by visiting the Advanced section, in the Settings menu.

You should start off by visiting the Rules menu and add new, custom rules. The app can also help you schedule various control actions. For example, from the Profile menu, you can easily block or allow various devices at specific weekly, daily or hourly intervals.

Once the configuration is to your liking, you can keep track of blocked and allowed websites from the Dashboard section.

Simplify web filtering with the help of Barrier

Before we conclude, if you encounter difficulties while working with Barrier or you simply are not able to properly configure it, feel free to check out the hefty and thoroughly packed documentation section on the app’s official website.

As an ending note, Barrier is an intuitive web filter that allows even the most inexperienced of users to block or whitelist domains and websites without having to undergo complex configurations in the process of doing so.

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