Barcode Software for Books

Allows you to quickly generate ISBN, ISMN and ISNN custom barcodes, with the ability to add text and create additional labels around any barcode.

  • Barcode Software for Books
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  • Publisher :Lars Sams

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Barcode Software for Books Description

Barcodes are an efficient system for adding items to a computer database and rapidly retrieving any required information. Barcode Software for Books is an application that specializes in generating barcodes for books and magazines, with an additional function as a label creator.

An easy-to-use interface, that provides users with a precise way to generate different barcodes

The application is not difficult to understand, even those who are not familiar with barcodes will have no trouble deciphering how it works. The application supports three different barcode formats, as well as 2 and five digit supplements for each format, providing the application with 9 different formats in total.

The various options, such as resolution, custom text and the alignment of the barcode are all clearly explained and well set up. Getting the right kind of barcode is straightforward, but the application does lack 2D barcode support of any kind. However, the application is specifically targeted at books that do not traditionally use 2D barcodes.

Additional features that provide the application with more varied uses and extra value for money

Barcode Software for Books includes an additional feature as a label creator. Users can create comprehensive and detailed labels that include a barcode in them, so they are not purely decorative, but the label options are still detailed.

Users can select custom images from their own files and load them into the application, from there, images can be drained of color, stretched and realigned. Additional options to outline, make the label a transparent background for the barcode, and to rotate the image into a landscape can all be simply accessed. While advanced shape and customization options are available, the label creator does add an extra layer of depth to the application.

A simple, efficient application with surprising depth and versatility

All in all, the application is good at what it does with enough support features to make it a worthwhile purchase. It could still be improved and the price might bother some users, the application is robust enough not to disappoint most of those who decide to invest in it.

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