Open various financial statement files, convert them to QBO format or view their source codes by relying on this lightweight utility.

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Bank2QBO Description

Keeping track of your financial activity can be a difficult, tedious task since it involves working with multiple statement files and comparing numerous values.

Fortunately, there is a way of combining most of these documents into a single file, by relying on specialized software, such as Bank2QBO.

Simple user interface

This application comes with a minimalistic layout that provides you with high accessibility to most of its functions. However, despite its simple design, you might need medium knowledge about certain economical concepts if you want to understand and benefit from its functions entirely.

It is possible that you create your translation of the application by accessing the corresponding section. More so, you can edit an already existing one if you want to bring certain modifications to your interface.

Bank2QBO provides you with a user guide as well, but, unfortunately, you cannot browse it unless you have an Internet connection.

Handy statement converter

You can rely on this application if you need to convert your statement files to a more accessible format or if you want to bind all of your documents into a single item. This program supports a wide variety of formats, including OFX, QIF, QFX, ASO, OFC, QBO and QBX.

Although it can only convert to QBO (Web Connect) format, it is possible to bind several QBO files into a single item, thus providing you with more efficient organizing capabilities.

Useful source code viewer

Additionally, this application allows you to view the source code of your statement files if you need more detailed information about your documents.

The Settings tab allows you to adjust several input and output settings, including default currency, QIF dates, decimal separator, bank ID or account type. Furthermore, you can toggle additional parameters, such as separating split transactions, regenerating unique references or force a specific currency type.

In conclusion, Bank2QBO can help you manage and organize multiple bank documents by converting them and binding them to a single file. However, note that you need certain economical knowledge if you want to use this application to its full extent.

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