Banana Accounting

You can easily manage all your accounting-related activities, in just a few mouse moves, with this intuitive and user-friendly application.

  • Banana Accounting
  • Version:8.0.7
  • License :Demo
  • OS:Windows All
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Banana Accounting Description

Banana Accounting is a simple, yet comprehensive application that you can use as a financial assistant for your household. The tool allows you to easily manage accounting activities, monitor the balance sheet and record transactions.

Internet banking files management made easy

Banana Accounting can facilitate your accounting and bookkeeping activities, allowing you to keep track of your transactions, savings, expenses or tax fluctuation. The tool can read bank accounts statements downloaded from e-banking services so that you can avoid manually entering the data.

Monitoring your financial actions is made easy and time-friendly, thanks to the multiple quick-editing fields in Banana Accounting. For instance, you can change the transaction dates, in case the data was improperly imported from bank statements. If the transaction is assigned to a different account, for instance, you can easily correct the mistake in the designated tab. You also have the possibility of adding or editing several accounts and cost centers.

Store and easily search certain information

Banana Accounting allows you to save the data you enter in specific files, representing the activity along the accounting/financial year. The program can handle several such files and cross-reference information acquired in previous years.

The program allows you to manage transactions in various currencies, as well as manage interest and debts with the help of the tax calculator. Moreover, the program includes several template files, which can help you setup your account. You can select between the Income and Expense accounting, the Double-entry accounting or the Multi-currency accounting.

Supported file formats

Banana Accounting allows you to import financial data from bank statements, as well as to open currently active AC2 or SBA files. You may export the processed information in various manners, for instance, save it as a local file in HTML, XML or XLS/XLSX format. Alternatively, you may create a PDF or a PDF dossier, print the sheet or send it via email.

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