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Swiftly backup your WordPress data, both locally and in the cloud, with the help of this straightforward and efficient application.

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Backupery for WordPress Description

Although WordPress does a good job at keeping your account and your data safe, probably the best way to ensure the long-term safety of your blogs is to back them up whenever possible.

Backupery for WordPress is a no fuss, no muss piece of software that allows you to straightforwardly backup and recover your WordPress blogs in those worst case scenario, for example, when you account gets stolen.

Install and launch the app and start backing up your WordPress data in no time

Subsequently to its typical installation process, the application automatically integrates with your computer’s taskbar, from where it can be conveniently summoned with just a mouse click.

Once launched, the app greets you by displaying a compact main window and a non-impressive user interface. Since everything is right on display, it’s not surprising that learning to use Backupery for WordPress is hardly challenging, regardless of your level of experience.

Backup WordPress data both locally and in the cloud

This said, you can instantly begin to backup your WordPress data, either on your computer’s hard drive or any other portable device by simply choosing the target location from the Settings tab.

Even better, the application makes it possible for you to keep your blogs and articles safe thanks to cloud-based file storage and sharing services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Backupery Cloud.

Gets the job done quite nicely,  but this is not to say there isn’t still room for improvement

Although the application does a good job at providing a smooth balance between user-friendliness and overall efficiency, we would have liked it even more if it would have come with support for multiple accounts.

While we’re on the subject of pointing out what could be better, we would also like to point out that the backup scheduler is not exactly versatile, since it only allows you to choose from a limited number of preset intervals (one or three days, one or two weeks and one month).

Backup WordPress data with just a few mouse clicks

To conclude, Backupery for WordPress is an honest and efficient software solution that offers a quick way to backup your blogs and articles, without having to go through complicated procedures in order to do so.

Please note that you can download several other versions of Backupery from Softpedia, namely Backupery for Gmail, Backupery for Google Contacts, Backupery for Google Photos, Backupery for Evernote and Backupery for Slack.

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