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Keep constantly updated about the hardware and software available on the remote computers you manage in your network with this app.

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BackData Pro Description

Not only does performing regular inventory on the computers you are managing help you reduce the number of lost or misplaced pieces of equipment, but it can also aid you estimate intervals for maintenance, so you can avoid having to do costly repairs.

BackData Pro is a lightweight utility that enables you to keep track of hardware components as well as software installed on the computers so that it simplifies asset management, analysis and inventory.

Comes with a clean and neatly structured interface

After a quick and straightforward setup, you are welcomed by a well-organized and intuitive interface that should not give you any troubles while navigating. The main window is comprised of two panels, one that enables you to add the list of machines the app should ping and another where you can analyze general data about the devices.

Functionality-wise, the program is user-friendly and enables you to verify information in just a few steps. More accurately, you can update the information by specifying the CSV file that needs data verification and then hitting the Start seeking button.

As a side note, you should know that the tool works with CSV and TXT files only. While it can be argued that you can just copy database information or lists to clipboard, it would have been useful if it supported other types of file formats.

Seamlessly generate various handy reports

It is important to note that the application provides you with various types of reports that can come in handy before your company is scheduled for an audit, for instance. Moreover, you will be happy to learn that the utility allows you to capture almost any type of information you need about the software and hardware listed in the inventory.

Therefore, you can collect data such as model, serial number, asset tag, processor, cores count or CPU and RAM usage, for example if you are managing component asset management. In addition, when performing a software analysis, you can gather information about OS architecture, service pack, version, running processes lists, installation date, domains, profile lists, local printers and whom they are registered to, to name a few.

Depending on the role of the assessment you are performing, you can also find out more about the basic logical drive and hard drive info, MAC addresses and DHCP /Static values.

An inventory tool that can save you time and money

Although it works mostly with CSV files, BackData Pro is a comprehensive inventory and assessment management utility that can lend you a hand with managing goods more efficiently.

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