AZZ Cardfile

Create password-protected and compressed card files where you can store personal information like phone numbers, addresses and notes, and print or export data to plain text, RTF or HTML file format.

  • AZZ Cardfile
  • Version :4.1.16
  • License :Shareware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Azz Cardfile

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AZZ Cardfile Description

AZZ Cardfile is a Windows application whose purpose is to help you store personal information, such as addresses, phone numbers, references, notes, and recipes, in an encrypted environment.

Importing/exporting options

The program gives you the possibility to import Microsoft Card (CRD file format) and XML files, and export the card files to RTF, plain text or HTML file format. You can merge several data files into a single item and print the information.

You may also opt for compressing card files. The uncompressed files have an XML structure so you can quickly recover data.

User interface

The GUI provides a well-structured suite of features but you still need to take some time and discover its features because it comes packed with many customization options. A help manual is available in case you want to find out more about its capabilities.

Card creation options

Defining a new card implies only assigning a custom name. You may customize the card with the aid of a rich text editor.

AZZ Cardfile lets you perform clipboard-related actions (cut, copy, paste), search for and replace items in the text, create bookmarks, insert hyperlinks, change the font and color, enable the word wrapping mode, and allow cards to be only read.

What’s more, you can add table, text, hypertext link, horizontal line, page break, picture, symbol, date and time, as well as object.

Card management features

You are given the freedom to rename, delete or duplicate cards, set the creation and modification date and time for each card, group cards into custom categories, and sort the cards by title, creation or modification date, or icon.

AZZ Cardfile helps you perform searches and apply several filters (whole words, case, titles, creation and modification date) for quickly identifying a card in the list, assign an icon to each card, activate a spell checker, jump to the next, previous, first or last card, and password-protect the files.

Last but not least, the application is able to automatically dial numbers, automatically detect and remember phone numbers, and launch an email client or web browser, as well as lets you set a background color and other text adjustments for individual cards.

Bottom line

All things considered, AZZ Cardfile can be used as a contact manager, address book or a general organizer where you can store personal information.

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