Create archives, manage existing ones and get useful insight about their content using this handy application that supports file encryption.

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AZip Description

AZip is a software solution designed to help you view the content of your ZIP archives. This compression tool was specifically built to manage your archives in the easiest way possible.

Beginners should get used to working with this program in no time as all its functions are neatly displayed in the main window.

You can use the “drag and drop” support for adding files or folders into the main window. The app automatically compresses the files and displays the content of the archived folder in the main window. It is also possible to delete the existing entries from the list.

AZip can also decompress an archive on the go by simply dragging it to the main window. The program works fast and it didn’t crash, freeze or encounter errors during our testing.

The app can perform tests to verify if all the entries in the archive folder are valid. It also features a built-in search dialog that helps users to find various files very quickly.

Moreover, AZip bundles some important features as it allows users to recompress, compare and merge the archives.

Compared with other similar apps, AZip is pretty easy to work with since it doesn’t include many configurations settings to tinker with. It makes the whole process of compressing and decompressing easier and faster by keeping things as simple as possible.

Advanced options such as setting up passwords and changing the compression method are not included in the app.

All in all, AZip is a small but efficient program that can compress or decompress files very quickly. Although it isn’t the most powerful tool in its category as the developer didn’t include many advanced features, it is definitely a reliable software application for all users who want to manage their archives effortlessly.

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