Azeus Convene

A straightforward meeting software meant to enable remote collaboration on a multitude of projects by using a virtual meeting room.

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Azeus Convene Description

Azeus Convene is an electronic meeting software especially designed for businesses that need to bring the directors and employees together in a meeting even when they are located in a different part of the city, country, or world. It’s a web-based solution that allows you and others to interact in a virtual meeting in order to discuss shared documents.

User-friendly interface well suited for anyone

Azeus Convene is aimed to be an intuitive tool that allows its users to focus on the meeting and its content rather than trying to figure out how to use its tools and options and it is successful at that.

From the moment you install the application to creating and managing your first meeting, the app keeps things simple and accessible to anyone regardless of their experience with similar applications. Once you make your way to the start screen, the program enables you to join a meeting that’s underway, start a new one, view the document library as well as check up on upcoming discussions.

Secure remote meetings

Access to meetings can be granted by means of invitation and the participant needs to have an active account to the service to be able to join in. That is only one security feature that Azeus Convene offers.

Serious consideration and attention has been given to securing the stored and shared documents using AES 256-bit e encryption. Since the application can be used from PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones, the security service is applied to both client and server components.

Easy to manage, efficient and practical

To wrap it up, though there are some good features left for you to discover, it’s safe to say that if you’re looking to assemble your team together for a project brainstorming session and some can’t attend from the same room, then Azeus Convene is a solution consider.

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