AX-ZIP Archiver

Create an archived file, by adding local files, as well as view, modify, delete or extract its contents, with this simple to use application.

  • AX-ZIP Archiver
  • Version :4.3
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :AX Systems

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AX-ZIP Archiver Description

AX-ZIP Archiver is a reliable tool that allows you to manage various types of compressed, archived files, with ease. The program acts as a file explorer, offering additional archive management functions, for adding or extracting contents. Moreover, you can easily delete or rename a file within an archive.

File and archive explorer

AX-ZIP Archiver is a user-friendly application, which opens similarly to Windows Explorer, allowing you to browse through folders and files. Its interface is divided in half, the segment on the left being dedicated to opening archives, while the one on the right, for viewing files. You may add bookmarks to any directory, in order to quickly access them.

Moreover, AX-ZIP Archiver can store a browsing history, indicating the most recently visited files and folders. Both the archive and the file browser display the stored contents as a tree structure, allowing you to open the directory with one click. The archive browser allows you to open compressed files as if they were regular folders.

Archive management and context menus

AX-ZIP Archiver allows you to explore the contents of an archived file, as easily as if it were a normal folder. It supports the association with multiple extensions, including MS-Cabinet files, RAR archive, Java, Xap, Ace 7-Zip or self-extracting archives. You may thus open various types of archived files, without installing several supporting programs for each of them.

AX-ZIP Archiver can also integrate with Windows context menu, allowing you to easily access several functions, such as add the selected file to archive or add it to archive and instantly email it. The archiving options include ten compression levels and two alternative methods: Deflate or BZIP2.

Modify the context menu options

AX-ZIP Archiver allows you to quickly enable or disable its quick functions from the Windows context menu, from the Options window. You may also set preferences regarding the name of the archive, packing methods or drag-and-drop capabilities. Powerful searching tools allow you to find archives or files on your computer.

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