Display a wide range of server statistics with this practical command-line application that tracks the number of visitors, server attacks or browsers employed.

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AWStats Description

The Internet can host a wide array of information, from the daily news to scientific content.

However, this wealth of data means that countless hours of work have to be put in just to ensure users have quick and easy access to online resources.

To avoid wasting time and energy, website administrators can employ AWStats to quickly assess the potential of any given Internet resource.

The command-line application allows users to track various significant indices, such as the daily traffic, unique visitors and their locations, as well as any errors returned by the server (such as ‘Page not found’ items).

More-so, one can view data on specific time intervals, such as monthly, daily or hourly connections.

The program is also compatible with authenticated connections and can display information on the last time login credentials have been sent to the server.

Other notable tracked items include robot visits, worm attacks, as well as the search engines employed to arrive at the target address. The browsers used by visitors are also recorded, as are their operating systems.

All the data is displayed both in textual and graphical forms and one can quickly assess the overall health of a site simply by checking the informative bar charts built by the application.

Several colors can be used to distinguish between the numerous indices generated by the utility.

Multiple auxiliary tools may prove useful for webmasters, including compression and file usage statistics, top downloads, as well as the most common referral sites.

Website developers will also be quite interested in the keyphrases most often used, as well as ‘404 Document Not Found’ recorded errors.

System requirements

  • Your server must log web access in a log file you can read
  • Perl 5.007003 or higher

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