Awlsim soft-PLC

You can use this reliable Step 7 AWL simulator with support for S7-3xx and S7-4xx CPU family to test processor parameters, plus transfer data.

  • Awlsim soft-PLC
  • Version :0.55
  • License :GPL
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Michael Büsch

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Awlsim soft-PLC Description

Awlsim soft-PLC is a simple to use tool that acts as a CPU AWL simulator for Step 7 PLC devices. The tool comes in handy when you need to test the capacity of a particular CPU by sending thousands of instructions per second.

S7 compatible AWL/STL simulation

The utility can be used with PLC hardware since it offers a suitable response in terms of speed and accuracy. Moreover, it provides support for the S7-3xx and S7-4xx CPU families, being capable of emulating CPUs with two and four accumulator registers.

You can manually choose the number of analyzed accumulator registers, as well as specify the clock memory and the mnemonics language for AWL.

This Python-build utility can send thousands to millions or AWL/STL instructions per second, based on the Python interpreter and the capabilities of the host machine. Aside from that, the tool can operate as a simulator core or connect to an external core, on a specified port range. You may manually add sources and define symbol tables or libraries.

Observe several CPU functionality details

Once connected to a simulated or external core, you can run the CPU analysis and view the results in real-time. Awlsim soft-PLC can display the response for several parameters, including the S7-CPU, STW, accuracy, PStack, calls, speed or the CycleT. You can inspect specific input/output memory parameters.

Awlsim soft-PLC allows you to download individual sources to CPU or set all the sources to be downloaded at the same destination.

Reliable CPU emulator

The tool supports analyzing one or more hardware modules, that you can configure yourself or select from the available templates: debug, dummy, Linux CDC or pyprofibus. Each module can be customized by adding or re-defining parameters and values.

Awlsim soft-PLC comes with a series of sample libraries you can use in the analysis to obtain the desired parameter results, or just load the standard library.

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