Awesome Video Player

Play multiple video files from your computer in the same window by turning to this handy application that supports various decoding modules.

  • Awesome Video Player
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  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :MagicAnywhere LLC

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Awesome Video Player Description

If you enjoy playing multimedia files on your computer, you probably wanted to display multiple videos in the same window at some point.

Instead of launching multiple instances of the same video player, you can use Awesome Video Player, which can help you achieve quick, satisfactory results.

Please note that this application requires you to have .NET Framework installed on your machine so that it can function properly.

Easy to install

Setting up this program on your computer can be accomplished with no advanced PC operating skills, as no complex configuration is needed on your part.

You just need to specify your preferred destination directory, decide whether desktop shortcuts should be created or not and follow the on-screen instructions.

Simple layout

This utility comes with a smooth, user-friendly interface that encompasses non-sophisticated functions, thus making it possible for a wide range of users to benefit from its capabilities.

Its controls are neatly organized in standard menus, which you can access easily since they do not pack hidden buttons, menus or panes whatsoever. Its configuration is kept to a minimum, as you can only toggle video auto-play, enable full-screen view and choose your favorite decoding method.

View multiple videos at once

Awesome Video Player can help you play several video files from your computer at the same time, by placing them in the same window.

You can add the corresponding items in three different ways, by using the Open Videos function under the Files menu, hitting the Ctrl + O keys on your keyboard or dragging and dropping the videos over the window.

Each video can be controlled individually by hovering your mouse pointer over your preferred entry and using the dedicated functions from the menu.

Handy application that can play several video files in the same window

To wrap it up, Awesome Video Player is a reliable tool that can help you play multiple videos from your computer by displaying them in the same window and providing you with separate controls for each one of them. It comes with a smooth user interface that packs non-complicated functions, thus making it possible for numerous users to benefit from its capabilities with ease.

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