Awasu Personal Edition

An easy to use and practical application that can keep you posted on the latest updates from your favorite websites by using RSS feeds.

  • Awasu Personal Edition
  • Version :3.0 / 3.0.4 Beta
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Awasu Pty

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Awasu Personal Edition Description

Although news you hear might not be completely accurate, there’s at least a small degree of truth somewhere lost in the context. From papers and radio to the information superhighway, you can now stay up to date with events around the world from the comfort of your desktop. With utilities like Awasu Personal Edition, you can configure your favorite RSS feeds and receive notifications for each new entry.

Fully customize favorite entries

By default, the application comes equipped with a standard structured layout so you can cleverly store your preferred RSS websites. This is displayed in a side panel, with the possibility to completely customize folders, edit existing entries or add custom channels.

Equipped with its own web browser

The center area serves as your preview section and workspace. Implemented tab support gives you the possibility to have more pages open at the time, and this comes in handy because the application also puts a web browser at your disposal, making it a bit more comfortable to search for target pages.

Add new channels and configure notifications

You need to follow a few steps when adding a new page. The channel can either be directly downloaded from the Internet by specifying the exact URL, or even read from a file under the RSS, XML or RDF format.

The application automatically fills in additional info like name and other notes, but you can freely edit them. The following steps let you configure notifications and filters. You can do this for each target website, letting you fully customize priorities and receive notifications only from topics of interest.

Search the web through various engines

What’s more, you can quickly look up words or phrases over the web with the help of an integrated search engine, based on popular Internet ones, that open a new page in the application’s own browser. In a similar manner, a dedicated tool can be used for translating ambiguous content.

A few last words

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Awasu Personal Edition is a handy application that is sure to keep you update with latest events around the world. The application makes sure it puts everything you need to surf the web, organize and receive notifications from providers you trust. You quickly get acquainted thanks to the intuitive design, making it suitable for both at home and inside an office.

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