Analyzes Avisynth scripts in a console window and displays information about the clip, the CPU and GPU usage, and the number of frames that are processed in a second.

  • AVSMeter
  • Version :2.5.5
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Groucho2004

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AVSMeter Description

AVSMeter analyzes AviSynth scripts, runs speed tests and monitors resource consumption, displaying valuable information that can serve as a starting point in script optimization and diagnosis.

CLI application for analyzing AviSynth scripts

AVSMeter is a CLI app, meaning it can only be run using the command line window. Therefore, basic knowledge about the Windows console and how it is used is required.

Right from the start you should know that AVSMeter executes the input script with no overhead, it just loads it for analysis. As expected, AviSynth needs to be installed beforehand. AVSMeter detects the presence of AviSynth automatically and can display detailed information about the version, configuration, plugins, and functions, in a report that can be created using the dedicated command.

Monitor resource usage during script execution

There are several other commands you can pass on as parameters when executing AVSMeter. By default, it reports the number of frames and their length, the width and height of a frame, the framerate of the clip, and the color space. Optionally, you can specify the frame range, set the priority, and limit the analysis time.

Additionally, the performance tests AVSMeter runs enable you to check the minimum, maximum and average FPS rate. Also, there is a command that can track and monitor memory and CPU usage during script execution, as well as the number of used threads. You can also obtain information about the GPU usage, but GPU-Z must be running before AVSMeter is launched.

Run speed and performance tests on your AviSynth scripts

AVSMeter comes in handy for those who want to perform FPS/TPF measurements on their AviSynth scripts. Under normal conditions, it can deliver accurate results that can be of immense help when optimizing the script.

Aside from the aforementioned commands, AVSMeter can be further configured by editing the settings in its INI configuration file, which includes many more parameters you can tamper with.

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