Avira Safe Shopping

A Google Chrome extension that monitors all the websites you visit, comparing prices on online shops and protecting you from trackers and fake offers.

  • Avira Safe Shopping
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Avira Safe Shopping Description

In the last years, online shopping significantly grew in the preferences of users, due to the convenience of looking for products online and purchasing them with a few clicks. On the other hand, websites usually track the accessed pages and then you end up bombarded by ads with similar content. Stopping trackers requires a dedicated tool that can be active at all times during your online session. If you are using Google Chrome, Avira Safe Shopping is one of the good choices.

Detects and blocks active trackers to protect your privacy

Designed by the popular security solutions provider, Avira Safe Shopping is a Chrome extension that can check the websites you visit to see whether they are safe or not. It identifies trackers and automatically blocks them, thus preventing your browsing history from becoming an opened book that trackers can read. Unfortunately, the extension is not available for other web browsers.

The Avira Safe Shopping icon is displayed right next to the address bar. You can click on it to check the status of the webpage you are visiting, including a list of the active trackers that monitor your activity. For enhanced security, you can configure Avira Safe Shopping to send ‘Do Not Track’ headers to the webpages you are accessing.

A virtual shopping assistant that finds the best offers

Leaving aside this security-related trait of Avira Safe Shopping, there is another of its features that is worth mentioning. Not only that the extension blocks trackers automatically, but it can act as a shopping assistant. This means you can use it to find the best deals for the products you are planning on purchasing.

As you browse online shops, Avira Safe Shopping displays the best offers and coupons (if available) in the upper side of the window. You can browse the offers and navigate to the target site in an easy manner. And, as expected since its developer is Avira, the addon can distinguish between valid and fake offers, or phishing attempts, removing the offers that conceal cybercrime attempts.

Find the best deals in a private and secure shopping session

There are three major functions that Avira Safe Shopping has: the first is to block active trackers to protect your privacy, the second is to block websites that are considered unsafe and, last but not least, help you find the best deals and coupons for the products you are interested in. Considering all this, we could say that the online shopping experience is greatly enhanced with Avira Safe Shopping.

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