AVI Toolbox

Perform basic operations such as trimming and picture or sound capturing from your AVI videos with the help of this straightforward software solution.

  • AVI Toolbox
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  • License :Shareware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :KC Softwares

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AVI Toolbox Description

Performing basic operations like trimming or extracting soundtracks from video files using full-featured video editors can be not only counterproductive, but time-consuming as well.

AVI Toolbox is a straightforward piece of software designed for such situations when you simply need to perform the most basic editing and extraction tasks on your AVI videos.

You might be required to install some codecs before using it

Before you can start taking advantage of what this little app can do, you might need to install a codec pack on your computer, as the built-in video player does not offer native support for AVI format.

Once this is achieved and subsequent to a common installation process, you can start using AVI Toolbox without further ado.

Intuitive and fast video utility

Designed with a clear emphasis on ease of access and speed, AVI Toolbox is a video editor that makes it simple for you to trim your video files. Plus, the utility helps you extract soundtrack from your clips and capture representative pictures.

The main window of AVI Toolbox, while not the most modern looking one, does a fair job of keeping things at a simple level. You might want to call its interface user-friendly, but a far better word to describe it would be pragmatic.

Every feature is not only easy to use, but it is always within your reach

Nonetheless, videos can be loaded either from the File menu or via simple drag and drop actions. Their soundtrack or still frames can be extracted with a simple click on the designated buttons found in the main window.

The process of trimming or splitting videos is almost as simple, as you only need to press the Beginning and End buttons, click ‘Save’ and choose the output destination.

Simple, intuitive and efficient video app

To conclude, it is clear that AVI Toolbox is not at the top of the ‘food chain’ when it comes to its functions and looks, but this little app does its job well. One thing is for sure: it is hard to find a faster and more efficient solution for basic video editing than AVI Toolbox.

We would only wish that this lightweight app had a few more video editing features, which would consequently make it an even better app than it already is.

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