AVG Driver Updater

Scans your computer for outdated hardware drivers and enables you to download and install their latest versions, so as to keep your PC in top shape.

  • AVG Driver Updater
  • Version:2.3.0
  • License :Demo
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:AVG Technologies

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AVG Driver Updater Description

Keeping drivers outdated might result in malfunctions of the hardware your computer is equipped with and even cause system crashes. Such situations can be easily avoided by using an application such as AVG Driver Updater, which is specifically designed to diagnose problems related to the system drivers.

Could-based technology to detect outdated drivers

Upon launch, AVG Driver Updater automatically analyzes your computer, in the attempt to create a hardware profile. Initiating a new scan is a matter of pressing a button and during the process, you can monitor the application’s progress. AVG Driver Updater starts by connecting to the cloud and comparing its database with versions installed on the target system, so as to detect outdated drivers.

Despite its name, AVG Driver Updater does not only look for out-of-date drivers, but can also retrieve information regarding necessary software and Windows updates.

Download drivers and create backups

The results are displayed both in a table and in a pie chart, enabling you to get an overview of the system’s status. For drivers that are out-of-date, AVG Driver Updater displays a downloading option, redirecting you to the official download location provided by the manufacturer.

AVG Driver Updater also features backup and restore capabilities, allowing you to create safe copies of specific driver sets and restore them with ease in case anything goes wrong. Please note that once drivers are updated or restored from a previous backup, a system restart might be required for the hardware to properly function.

Backup and update drivers quickly and without effort

During our testing, we noticed that AVG Driver Updater works pretty fast, performing the scans in just a few seconds. Backing up drivers did not take long as well.

It is a good solution for diagnosing your system and keeping your drivers up-to-date. By doing so, you make sure the computer will function at top performance, without risking lags and crashes.

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