Avant Browser Ultimate

A reliable and fast Internet browser that integrates three different rendering engines, based on Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

  • Avant Browser Ultimate
  • Version :2019 Build 2
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Avant Force

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Avant Browser Ultimate Description

Avant Browser is a comprehensive and efficient web explorer that is based on Trident, Gecko and Webkit (the engines behind IE, Firefox and Chrome). This enables you to easily choose the preferred or the most appropriate rendering engine for your current browsing session.

Avant Browser features numerous functions and options, saving you from the trouble of constantly having to install browser extensions. You can even use it for downloading videos to your computer from a web page, in just moments. Another important function of this web browser is its ability to instantly start private sessions, so you can protect your Internet privacy.

Moreover, you can create an AutoFill section within the browser, by entering the information that is most often requested when shopping online or registering on various websites. This spares you from having to enter the same details repeatedly. And of course, all your information can easily be password-protected.

Avant Browser provides you with a ‘Split View’ mode, thus allowing you to work in parallel with two different websites, without having to constantly switch from one to the other.

Using Avant Browser, you can set it to clear all browsing history, cookies or typed web addresses when existing. It also allows you to only clear specific records, so you can still save the things you might later need, like auto-complete passwords or search keywords.

A relevant function of Avant Browser is the fact that it allows you to disable Flash animations and sounds when exploring web pages, or enable the built-in ‘AD Blocker’, thus speeding up the loading time of web sites.

Avant Browser is a great web explorer that provides you with the speed and reliability of several engines, while also offering various functions that you could not otherwise get without resorting to add-ons, so you can use it with confidence.

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