AV Burning Pro

A program that enables you to create, burn and copy ISO images, while allowing you to save space on your hard drives by making your own discs.

  • AV Burning Pro
  • Version :6.5.6
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :AVMedia Software

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AV Burning Pro Description

Optical media can still be regarded as a viable storage method, even though removable USB flash drives and various cloud services offer better alternative nowadays.

Despite that, they can still be used in various situations, such as car CD players or older TV sets without USB support.

Burn a wide variety of data, music and video discs

AV Burning Pro is an application that enables you to handle almost any type of optical disc you might need, including CDs, DVDs, HDDVDs and Blu-rays. Depending on your necessities and the type of drive you own, they all have different purposes and uses, which have to be considered before choosing the burning method.

The utility allows you to create data, music and video discs, each with their own specific settings. That way, for data discs you can choose between CD, DVD or Blu-ray, depending on the size of the files you want to burn. Music files can only be burned on CDs and you can also rip the audio from already created ones. As for videos, they can be exported as Super Video CDs or high quality DVD movies, which require a separate authoring tool.

Erase rewritable discs, as well as burn or create ISO images

In case you own rewritable discs, AV Burning Pro enables you to delete the existing data and erase the media to make place for new information. As you might expect, this operation can only be performed on discs that support multiple writings. If you are not sure, you can use the bundled device info function and view details about any inserted discs.

The application is also able to create virtual images to contain your data, under the ISO format. The advantage is that there are no size limits and the read-write speed is greatly improved, especially if it is placed on your hard disk or on an USB flash drive.

Closing arguments

All in all, thanks to the multitude of supported formats and the wide array of data writing options, AV Burning Pro is an adequate solution to your disc burning necessities. The guided wizard-based interface provides you with step-by-step instructions for every type of operation, which makes the application accessible to beginners and experienced users as well.

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